How To Convert JPG to PNG

we will show you how to convert a JPG image to a PNG image. The image quality of a JPG image decreases every time, while a PNG file is a so-called “lossless”, which means that the quality does not change over time. You can use online conversion providers JPG to PNG to convert your JPG images into PNG files

1 Simple way to Convert JPG to PNG Free online 2020

Open the JPG to PNG Converter.

  1. Go To

    Go to Jpg To PNG in your computer’s browser . With this service you can convert up to 25 JPG files at once. JPG to PNG allows a file size of up to 60 MB per file. JPG to PNG Free online

  2. Click on Browse Button

    Click Browse Button in the middle of the page to upload images . An instance of Windows Explorer (Windows) or Finders (Mac) opens.Click on Browse Button

  3. Select Your Image

    Go to the location of the image you want to convert to png formet and select the your image

  4. Click on “open” Button

    Your files will be uploaded to the conversion button

  5. Wait for the Image to convert

    If you see “Download” under each uploaded photo, you can proceed. wait for converting

  6. Click Download All Button

    This will start downloading the PNG Images in a ZIP folder to your computer. Download images

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